Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Jabby Delivery Boy for a Night

So what happened to the 8-7000 number?
Napalitan ng number ng boyps hahaha

Well, wala naman kasi akong pasok din kagabi so I dropped by Makati. It was suppose to be a late dinner out but OT work is just to much. On my way to LKG, Chi asked if I can just buy dinner. The nearest feasible option to buy, asside from McDo is Jollibee. I dropped by for a C3 meal [1 pc Chicken with Jolly Spaghetti]. I got a double TLC burger.

It's been a while since I ate in Jollibee. Yung pinakamalapit kasi sa office, tatawid pa ng EDSA! Darn you Rob Pioneer! hehehe

Well, madalas na rin naman ako nagbabaon, so ok lang. :-P


chi said...

sa uulitin!!! :D

geeler said...

hahahahaha! isa pa! isa pa! isa pang chicken joy! :-P