Wednesday, April 18, 2007

90s Kid

From Chi's blog, may 80's atmosphere sa cbox, it made me remember the fun I had when I was a kid. From what I was doing back then, I guess it explains why I am not into movies and 80s music. Though it's fun discovering some 80s music and movies with Chi and Papu.

I usually spend time outside the house, not watching TV. As for music, I listen to what Guia and Jeck listen to... like GNR, STP, Wolfgang, Yano, The Youth, Eheads... mostly rock music and Pinoy rock music is at it's peak back then.

There was an email saying "You are a 90's kid if..." with a list of things and activities people do during the 90s. My activities below are mostly on that list...

Growing up, I spent most of my time outside with neighbors
playing agawan base, patintero, piko, marbles and taguan [especially during long 'brownout' nights]
climbing roof tops and water tower tanks
biking around Marikina on 'riders', BMXs and mountain bikes
'camping' on the fields near the creek or vacant lots, story telling around a bonfire
making toys like detergent powered styrofoam boats and 'alateris' guns...

I loved playing in rain back then and water fights with water balloons fly and water guns and hoses spray worked double time.

Madami pang pwede isulat but I guess I want to share stories about them more in person :-)

haay... masarap maging bata :-) lalu na kung simple lang ang buhay at mura lang [most of the time, LIBRE!] maglaro at mag-enjoy hehehe :-P


chi said...

detergent powered styrofoam boats??? alateris guns???

kwentuhan mo ko ah :-) tsaka yung pictures mo nung prep!!! =D

Guil said...

mamaya... katabi kita eh :-P