Wednesday, July 18, 2007

A Not So Busy Night

Kaya heto, pumuslit sa pag-b-blog...

Hmm... I failed to find time to post pictures as I have promised in my last post... boo! probably a case of 'katams' encouraged by my current shift and unavailability of our home PC a couple of weeks ago. Plus, I did not get the pictures I want to post... boo!

Oh well, I have to settle with text as of the moment.


So what's new?

Our team has a new boss... he rolled in the team last Wednesday. Hope he's ok... but he seems strict...
We're joking around the other night that if our new Team Lead starts taken the night shift, no more 'petiks' time for us hahahaha! The mood is quite relaxed when there are no managers and team leads around. I guess that's about to change.

Right now, I'm looking forward to August 15... that's my planned roll-off date from my current team. Though, I don't want to think about it at the moment because my supposed 'replacement' won't be in until August 1. Plus, 2 of my teammates are not yet back from their Chicago assignment...

Also, this roll-off thing makes me excited and at the same time, anxious.
It makes me wonder if I am going to like my new assignment or team/project mates.
Makes me wonder where this new career path would take me.

One thing I would surely miss is night differential pay hahahaha!!!

Hmm... I probably should not think about it much for now :-)
Enjoy ko na lang muna yung team namin ngayon at night shift... na wala pang boss! hahahaha!!!

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